Use Recut with Adobe Premiere to Remove Silence from Videos

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use Recut to remove the pauses from a video, and then export the timeline to Adobe Premiere for the rest of your editing.

Get Your Files

First you'll need all of the files for your project ready at hand. For this example I have 2 files: a video I recorded on a Sony a6400 (with its built-in audio) and an audio .wav file that I recorded with Audacity on my Mac.

Import the Files Into Recut

Drag the files into Recut's timeline, or open them by clicking on the big circle with the arrow, or use File > Open.

I suggest adding the video file first, to set the timeline's frame rate, and then adding the audio next.

Sync the Files in Recut

In this video I just did a quick sync-up. Check out the tutorial on syncing audio and video for more detail on how to sync your files in Recut.

Export the Timeline as XML

Select the Export tab, and then under there, select the Timeline tab. We're going to export a timeline file that Adobe Premiere can read.

Choose the "Adobe Premiere (xml)" format from the dropdown and click Export. Remember where you save it, because you'll need to find that file inside Premiere in the next step!

Import the XML into Adobe Premiere

Inside Premiere, double-click on the media browser area and then browse for the .xml file that you just exported from Recut.

Open the Timeline (not the media)

Once that's loaded up, double-click on the timeline in the media browser to open it.

One thing to watch out for: if you see a timeline with no cuts, don't fret! That probably just means you just double-clicked on the wrong thing in the list. Try the other one :)

When Premiere imports the XML, it'll import one item for the timeline, and then one for each media file. So if you have a single video, you'll see two items in the media panel. If you have a video + an external mic recording, you'll see 3, and so on. Just make sure to double-click the timeline instead of one of the media files, because only the timeline has the cuts applied.