Recut is only
$ 99

It's a one-time payment.

Imagine how many hours you could save!

No subscription? Really?

I'm tired of subscriptions. Maybe you are, too.

Most software these days charges you rent forever, even if you run it on your own computer.

Recut doesn't do that.

What's the catch?

Recut runs on your computer, and doesn't cost us anything when you use it.

One day we might add features that do have ongoing costs for us – things like transcription, removing ums and uhs, and other fancy AI stuff. Stuff that needs big computers to run.

Those features would be an optional add-on, with a separate charge.

Are updates included?

Like I mentioned above, some features could end up being optional add-ons.

But most new features and bug fixes are included.

Did I see it was only 1 year of updates before?

Yep, it was. But no longer. If you bought a copy earlier, your license has automatically been converted into a lifetime one :)

What's the refund policy?

If Recut doesn't work for you, reach out here or reply to any of our emails, and we will give you a full refund.

Before you buy, consider trying the free trial. It's fully functional and will let you figure out if it works with your workflow.